Jul 20

Torchwood Comments + Countrycide Rant

Well, I’ve seen the first five, and have the
next two to watch tonight. “Cyberwoman” was simply brilliant. The rest
are pretty good – “Small Worlds” reminded me a lot of the best
“monster” eps of “the X-Files”.

I am very impressed with the Jack Harkness character – far more than I ever thought I would be.

The sound on the show is mind-blowing – compared to even Doctor
Who, it’s simply a wall of sound that attacks your senses in all the
right places.

I agree, Eve’s teeth are, um, “British”, and unless you have a
Madonna/David Letterman fetish, they can definitely be distracting.

Also, even though I watch a fair share of British programming,
there is at least one time per episode when I have to roll back the
video to try and parse out what Eve is saying in her Welsh accent.

I will give Torchwood massive credit for one very very important
thing – their stories, while episodic, have gone out of their way to
involve these characters specifically.
Meaning it would be a different episode if there were a different set
of protagonists, because many of the plots infringe on the PCs personal

This is one of my Holy Grails of storytelling. If you could swap
out the PCs for a different group with no noticeable changes in plot,
then you are telling a plot, and not a story (again back to the Fantasy
vs. Sci-Fi thing – much Sci-Fi is focused on the plot ideas, and no so
much on the characters – Torchwood sidesteps that trend nicely).

OK. I must now rant upon the episode
. Having seen 80% of the X-Files episodes, I can say that
this one reminded me a lot of some of the best. Up until one specific


There is a part where Tosh is being chased by the main bad guy, and
is eventually being choked by him. Gwen and Owen show up, guns drawn to
save her. And then they get stood down! They have every chance in the
world to shoot the guy who is choking their close friend, and they
don’t take it. No protestations of innocence that convince them it’s
all a mistake, nothing. I screamed at the TV for 20 minutes. Nothing
from Tosh telling them that this is the main bad guy, or anything. For
pete’s sake, they could have just shot him and his accomplice in the
leg! They submit to being frog-marched back to where they are going to
be surely eaten. WTF!?

In the end, it’s the American alien, Captain Jack that has to break
down the door with a tractor and shoot everyone! And he just wounds

There is a lot of good going for this episode, but it’s amazing to
me (good or bad, I’m not sure), that on British TV, they can show
snogging all day long, but to have a Brit use a gun to shoot a
non-monster just goes too far. Is this really how Brits are? Would
rather be eaten by cannibalistic villagers than shoot someone (even to
wound?). Shocked

And then the ending just made me ill on the character development front. Just Eww.