Aug 19

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-19

  • I freely admit to watching the Spice Girls taxi-riffic performance at the closig ceremonies. #WhenIsSpiceMusicalComingToDenver #
  • Hmmm – Timeline.js – a creation kit for storytelling timelines: #
  • Good news! My new @SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition platform is fast. #TerrifyinglyFast #CanItBeControlled #
  • "10% of adults admit to still listening to cassettes." #
  • Bummer? RT @nprnews: EBay Says Users Will No Longer Be Able To Sell Magic, Potions, Curses #
  • I never would have learned Esperanto without him. Sci-fi author Harry Harrison dies #
  • Just got a request to send someone a game adventure for Call of Cthulhu I wrote back in the 90's. I hope they have fun with it! #
  • Expendables 2 proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Norris was the weakest actor, Statham just edged out Jet Li for overall badassery. #
Aug 12

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

Aug 05

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

  • Today is @CaptSpectacular 's first day of tech day camp. He's going to be making custom levels and such for Portal. #HackingCamp #
  • So far the only two things I've ever seen break @CaptSpectacular 's nihilism: a double rainbow, and toe socks. #
  • It's the kind of night that can only be fixed with shot of Roundhouse Spirits Corretto in vanilla protein powder. #
  • Anyone know what this symbology on this rooftop is? #
  • The Introvert Entrepreneur: Success is an Inside Job: #
  • Here's the picture I tried to tweet this morning with the symbology from the DU building rooftop. #
  • Polly…..Lens Cap. #
  • A little bummed to be missing the Great American Beer Festival this year…but Ticketmaster really dropped the ball yesterday. :\ #
  • Drop the blanket and hit the bottle, Linus. #
  • We are now fully into the "Eat me out of house and home" phase of @CaptSpectacular 's life. #SoMuchFood #
  • From his camp experience, @CaptSpectacular is now an expert at the Portal 2 Test Chamber maker. Which is incredibly well done. #
  • "SAP Owns Up to Usability Problem". srsly. srsly! #
  • I wish I could harness the fugue state I go into when explaining something complex in the phone to large groups in other situations. πŸ™‚ #
  • This podcast is spectacular. RT @JesseThorn: I hope everyone has listened to the ALL-NEW episode of @TheMemoryPalace. #
  • VH1's Classic Albums on Netflix streaming. I learn so much with each one. #
  • "No maurading thieves anywhere, probably because of police." #
  • OK Git….you impressed me…this time. #
  • "But you have a job as a teacher! Why would you need to dress like a monster and rob a bank?!?!" "Oh, right, our bad." – Scooby Gang #
  • Hipsters at restaurant: "We bought a whole bunch of stuff to smoke!" Me: eyebrow. Them: "So much meat in my car! It's like a 20lb brisket!" #
Jul 29

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29

  • I must say…this Murray River Salt from Australia is something else: #
  • This article discusses that hangouts aren't popular because of lack of a directing activity during them. (Psst. RPGs) #
  • Yikes! RT @DaphneUn: Dinner-making accident. #
  • And…kicking off Mountain Lion Installer to download and run overnight. *fingers crossed* #
  • Asked new guy with a Windows Phone (that he's had for months) to go snap a pic of printer setting sticker. He couldn't. Win cam app fail. #
  • He finally figured out what unlabeled button to push, and couldn't get the portrait/landscape to lock so he could read it. Also, no focus. #
  • So I had him give me his phone…I also struggled to figure it out. Every time I think other OS's are nipping at the iOS heels…um, no. #
  • Final chapter: I gave him my 4S – he's never used and iPhone – and he snapped the pic, in focus, and read it in about 20 seconds. #
  • The way @brantsteen felt the other day about virtualenv is the way I feel today about CSS3 Media Queries. #almostTooEasy #
  • Sad that Udi's Cafe in Aurora has scared all their customers by not knowing the difference between antifreeze and FDA-approved flavorings. #
  • Woken up by hudeous screams at 2:20 – look outside to see a coyote staking a pet dog on the street corner. Awful screams. #doggotaway #
  • Here's a vid from someone else, but it was these same sounds that woke me as the coyote chased the fox at 2AM: #
  • Augmented Reality + Gamification taken to a classic sci-fi extreme: #
  • If you haven't seen this dual-kinect-driven dubstep augmented reality performance, you are missing out: #
  • CaptSpec comment of the day: "People can do cool stuff when they know what they are doing." Me: "How do they learn?" Him: "The Internet." #
Jul 22

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22

  • Nice try hipster dude playing digeiridoo on the corner for money, but your shoes give you away… #
  • "People may choose to use Bing because they don’t like Google. But no one’s going to choose the second-best adaptive learning platform." #
  • Oh timezones. They seem to be everyone's bane today! #
  • Is the new sign of being a regular at a place when your phone auto-connects to the wi-fi there? #
  • Really glad I stopped going to the Aurora Mall many years ago. Really sad that the fears that made me do so eventually bore fruit. πŸ™ #
  • I am very impressed with how well represented @grahamwalmsley is in the ENnie voting this year. Dang, man! Felt like 1/2 the categories! #
  • "The Equilibrium of Ideas" is a phrase that I can't get out of my head. Nice one, @bafadam . #
  • I know I am ready for the weekend when I try to log in to my work systems as 'cyface'! #
  • The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers! #
  • Gave Google App Engine a solid try again. Way, way insane setup to try to use any modules makes it useless. Just like last time I tried it. #
  • Maurice prepares to meet the grill. (Named by fishmonger, not me!) #
  • Found a large (deceased) moth on the porch this morning. I think this is a hummingbird moth. #
Jul 21

Django Many to Many Model Saving with Intermediary (Through) Model

I spent more time than I wanted to pulling together the solution for saving a child and its relation to its parent at the same time, while setting a value on the many-to-many model in between.

It feels like a pretty typical pattern, but the documentation and the info I found all over never quite got me there.

There seems to be a feeling that using inlines for this is the right idea…and I mostly agree. However, the inline stuff was really aimed at having lots of sub-forms, and submitting two forms separately. In this case I need to do them all together. So, I pulled the two crucial fields off of the many-to-many model, and added them ‘manually’ to a ModelForm for the child model.

A little magic in the ‘save()’ method for the form, and voila!

The gists of the related bits are below:

Jul 15

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-15

  • I learned a couple handy tricks (-u) in the free "Try Git" course at @codeschool. #
  • Wow – GM to flip from 90% oursourcing to 10%, and go from 4k+ datacenters to 2. #
  • The answers on Quora continue to intrigue me. #
  • The intro lick to Skrillex's "Devil's Den" may be the most addictive loop I've listened to in years. #
  • Reality Check: #
  • Good morning. I hope to be very productive today. Cheers to productivity! *starts drinking at 6AM* #
  • Script pitch review site lets letting people contribute with short amounts of time, and runs on a good vibes economy: #
  • I now declare myself well-versed in Django Class-Based Views. #
  • Hail Sagan: #
  • My highest food reccomendation in years goes to The Universal in Denver Northwest. Just excellent. #
  • I have to say, all my reading lately makes me respect James Madison more and more. The Morrill Act, 150 years later. #
Jul 08

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-08

  • If you are using jQueryMobile, beware the cache. It really likes to cache things for you: trying-to-be-helpful but OMG-the-security-gaps. #
  • Homeade kohlrabi pickles. 1) Peel 2) Slice 3) Add seasoned rice vinegar right out of the bottle. 4) Add pepper flakes. #
  • Dang, @CenturyLinkCO internet outage persists…hope it is fixed in the morning! #ThankHeavensFor4G #
  • Dang, @CenturyLinkCO internet outage continues this morning…hope it is fixed today! #ThankHeavensFor4G #
  • Well, after a perusal of the news, I'm super grateful it's my internet that is down and not my power. #sorrynortheast πŸ™ #
  • Wow, @CenturyLinkCO internet service is still down. #FirstWorldProblems #AtLeastWeHavePower #TimeToPicnicAnyway #
  • Hop vines feel like cat tongues! Happy 4th! #
  • Whew! @CenturyLinkCO internet was working when I got home. #Saved #
  • Barista at UCD coffee shop "The Lift" has "BOOK WORM" knuckle tattoo. #Excellent #
  • Yay! Finally some rain! #
  • Drummed through all of The White Stripes' Icky Thump. Hello weekend! #Tired #SoMuchCymbalCrashing #
  • Was impressed until he broke into "Cliffs of Dover"…then I was irrationally, angily envious: 100 riffs in one take: #
  • "A diploma is worth money, an education is not." RT @TheEconomist: Almost anyone in China can buy a fake degree #
  • If you needed a reminder we have a truly global economy, watch the credits of "Brave". #
  • Hitting the wall of equilibrium this week where the feel-good of working out balances the ever-present soreness, ad opposed to beating it… #
  • I don't live in Seattle or I'd try these Manju! RT @NPRWeekend: Business man turned candy-man for Japanese treats. #
  • "The 80's destroyed our future in every way. Financially, higher education, and fashion. Only the music is a mixed bag." – @Kim_Stone #
Jul 01

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-01

  • Pretty impressed with my Yamaha THR-10 amp after upgrading guitar to "DEATHBUCKER" aluminum pickups. πŸ™‚ Was too muddy with the stock ones. #
  • 40! I made it! 4 decades! Wooooooooooooooo! #
  • Thanks for the birthday wishes, all!!! #
  • Whew! A+ on my final econ paper despite not following the syllabus instructions! #oops #
  • Folks, I need ideas on how to bring education to the smartphone. I need to mix newsfeeds/twitter with real education. #
  • 2 years ago today for my birthday, my family took me to the Flying W ranch in Colorado Springs, which just burned down. πŸ™ #waldocanyonfire #
  • Excellent quote from Will Allen about perfection. #Kindle #
  • Thinking about emotion and education today. Music is a powerful emotional manipulator and memory trigger along with smell. How to leverage? #
  • The crazy death bunt of doom! #
  • What a sunset! #
  • The seething mass if humanity, preparing for the rain of fire……works. #
  • Just talked to my brother, who is working 12 hours a day patrolling fire zones against looters.

    Because, you know, America. #

Jun 24

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-24

  • Meelo may be the best character in Korra. "Taste my Fury!!!!" #
  • Very sad I missed Denver ComicCon. Relieved to have my final economics paper done. #
  • I have successfully cleaned all the dead moths out of the fireplace. Boy decided it was too gross a task to even be in the same room with. #
  • Shimmed hinge on front door so that deadbolt lines up cleanly. #FathersDayPunchList #
  • Germany sets solar power production record, 20 gigawatts! #
  • First time as a patient at a teaching hospital. HIGHLY AMUSING. I feel like in an episode of a TV show….in a good way. #
  • I am now so addicted to NPRs new show/podcast @NPRAskMeAnother that I spontaneously clap for clever puzzles and quips…while driving. #
  • "Enterprise IT are like the Dementors from Harry Potter: They Suck the Happiness out of Technology." : #
  • I am pretty impressed with @jquerymobile , I must say. #
  • Congrats to @brantsteen on building a lovely page for @jennisodes new Kickstarter, Project Ninja Panda Taco! #
  • Sweet, sweet albuterol.
    #FourDaysTillForty #
  • A little bummed that @thesoileddove put 7PM on the tix as the time for tonight's Beatles Tribute band show, when it doesn't start till 8. :/ #
  • Why society has to change before work/life balance is achievable for wen (and men). Monster, important article. #
  • In case you were wondering, "why do we need the EPA?" #
  • AMAZING MAN CLOTHES ALERT! RT @GreatDismal: Prada sticks some gears on it #