May 07

Wood Project Photos

Medicine Box
Incra Bookends
Well, I completed my bookends project, and I’m 90% done with my Medicine Box project.  Just needs to mortise in the hinges into the top, decide if I’m doing an inlay, and then apply the finish…

Check out the pics at right!

May 04

Woodworking Mania

Been out in the shop quite a bit lately.  Working with the new router table.

The router table is way in the back, so even if this was a recent photo, you probably couldn’t see it.

Anyway, I have an Incra jig for the router table, and it’s working well.  I’m not thrilled with the vertical holding jig part of it, but I think it’s more a me thing than an it thing.

I’m making a bookends project from the Incra projects and techniques book.

It’s turning out quite nicely so far.  I’m using the finish recommended by David Marks, which is General Finishes’ “Seal-A-Cell” and “Arm-R-Seal”

I can see why he uses them, they are amazing.

Pics of the project soon!

May 04

Thoughts on Cash

Is cash really easier to spend that using a credit card?  Easier in both terms of acceptance/speed of transaction at retailers, and ease of spending freely as a consumer?

I ended up having no cash this week for various reasons (I am expecting a big ACH withdrawal from my mortgage company due to my builder messing up my initial escrow account).  I found myself spending *more* total $$ than I usually do with cash, but I spent it on better things.

Not counting the fact that I rode the bus (since I already have bus tickets I purchased in January) instead of driving, I spent more on food since I couldn’t eat out of the machines here.

But, it was better food, like yogurt, juice, as opposed to pop-tarts.

I also find that with cash, I can see from looking in my wallet how much money I have, and that controls my spending.  With credit cards, I have a feel, and I check my balance 2-3 times a week, but it’s not quite the same.

I need to invent a device that lets you see your bank and credit card balances inside your wallet…