May 20

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-20

May 13

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-13

  • What? @Decoder_Ring 's "Black Jack Justice" novel is now on Kindle? Boom! Bought! #
  • Mmmm…it's a delirium kind of evening… #
  • "One of the first lessons was that whomever is in the weakest position gets hung out to dry." – A Brewing Storm #
  • Per the just-RT'd article: I'm reminded of the sudden societal realization in the 60's that making cars safer might be save lives. #
  • The Hulk makes me sad. #
  • Man, M:TG really brings out the rageface in @CaptSpectacular . #
  • So foggy this morning! #
  • Happy Mothers' Day all!! #
May 06

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-06

  • USB Controller on @CaptSpectacular 's computer died. Dare I try a USB PCI card to replace or is it the end of the road…? #
  • I found a USB PCI card one of my parts boxes that has brought @CaptSpectacular 's computer back to life. Whew! #
  • Spent some time back around the holidays working with dolly and pan combo shots, finally posted the 30-sec video here: #
  • Here's some very pretty video of Rocky Mountain National Park's Bear Lake that I took this weekend: #
  • RT @best_of_mlkshk: tired of stereotypes about women wearing superhero capes? #
  • "With depressingly few exceptions, textbook authors set themselves up as smug wizards who reveal truths to the reader" #
  • Soon…these will combine to make the magic of Baba Gannouj… #
  • I will admit, the TrueFire guitar leaning site is pretty dang amazing! #
  • Yes! Got an A in my last class, despite it being alternately hard and weird!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Next week I start Leadership Economics!!! #
  • Tips for building guitar calluses: (I found that sliding my fingers along the strings helps a lot). #
  • Awe yeah! @zacuto z-grip iPhone cinema kit! Who needs a DSLR to shoot video when you have an iPhone! #
  • Enjoying the Scooby Doo Supermoonlight! #
  • Supermoon has brought super-hail! #
Apr 22

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22

  • Sigh. This is why I have trouble convincing Americans to watch soccer… RT @best_of_mlkshk: #
  • Instant messaging devs of the world: can we all work together to not show "the other person is typing" if they aren't typing in my window? #
  • TV's connected to the Internet in 38% of U.S. Homes! #
  • I remember going to see the shuttle riding on a 747 as a kid! RT @smithsonian: #ov103 #spottheshuttle #
  • Grr. Vatican Reprimands U.S. Nuns #
  • It is 4:20 AM on 4/20/2012. For some reason, I am awake. Today's goal, see if I can do 3 months worth of work in a day. #
  • I just wrote over 200 requirements across 18 use cases in one day. I'm going to Beeryland! #
  • On a sadder note, I have a giant final class paper to write this weekend. #
  • #
  • NSFW dialog, but delightfully clever short: #
  • Current Status: #
  • Current status: #homebrew #
  • For me, the best part of the weekend is not having to drive anywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
Apr 01

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-01

  • Won over my very-serious-and-prepared class facilitator with last week's paper. Just not sure I have it in me to write 3 more like that. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • There is seriously a hotel staffer sculpting the hedge under my window with a chainsaw…at 9PM…in the dark. #dontcutoffyourOKDO #
  • Listening to the guy in the hotel room next to me stumbling around trying to find his cellphone is cracking me up. I wish I'd recorded it! #
  • Faultline Brewing! #
  • I totally just had two dinners. #
  • When you travel and have both a divey burger place that has Pliny the Elder and a fancy brewery with lovely made-on-premise brews…do both! #
  • How can I be craving 3rd dinner? California enhungers me! #
  • In all seriousness, the no electronic devices thing will someday be revealed to be maintained by airport bookseller payola. #
  • Well, @CaptSpectacular made two bold choices this week. He jailbroke is iTouch, and asked one of his friend girls to go steady. #bigchoices #
  • Girls everywhere we go are flirting with @CaptSpectacular now. Am enjoying the good customer service we get when he's around. ๐Ÿ˜› #
  • John Carter of Mars was wonderful. #
Mar 25

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-25

  • Hmm. I seem to have left my Miskatonic School for Girls game and my Guitalele at my parents house! Guess I'm playing M:TG or drumming! ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • As feared, this semester's facilitator is a tough grader. Agreed with grade on first paper, just not sure I agree on how he got there. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • You are dead already! #
  • How much I enjoy working in Microsoft Word:Mac is a testament to how frustrated I am with Windows. #
  • OK, no one adk me to record anything for the next few weeks, I am sending my MOTU interface/mixer in for repair! #
  • OK, no one ask me to record anything for the next few weeks, I am sending my MOTU interface/mixer in for repair! #
  • Enjoying a pre-class Pliny. Hoping to bring the heat to my IT strategy discussion!!! #
  • A man's growth is optimized if he leans just beyond his capacity, his fear. He should not stagnate in a zone of security and comfort. #
  • Nor should he push far beyond his edge, stressing himself, unable to metabolize his experience. He should lean just beyond the edge of fear. #
  • Constantly, in everything he does. #
  • Why you should embrace your company's heretics: #
  • "I didn't invent what this door is made of. Some sort of alloy of Adamantium and Mithril?" #
  • #
  • This entire can is filled with tiny bits of wire I finally convinced dad to toss. #AlmostHoarders #
Mar 18

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-18

  • In this meeting we keep talking about "Covenant" projects, which surprisingly are neither religion nor Halo related. #
  • Getting annoyed with "had everything figured out with developers 1-3 on the call, dev 4 decides not to show, but later contradicts all". #
  • Munchlax, munchlax, you are reminding me that I need more snax. #
  • . @putthison is the finest in Kefir-soaked edutainment. Welcome to season 2! #
  • The overall drama level at my office has increased so much that I'm suspecting the HVAC ppl of restricting oxygen flow to our building! ๐Ÿ˜› #
  • Then it has done you no good at all! #
  • On ne voit bien qu'avec le cล“ur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. #
  • Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisรฉ. #
  • Countdown to "will anyone show up to the meeting I unfortunately had to schedule for Friday afternoon" REVEAL. #
  • Was digging in my box o'caps today and found my Aprilia Racing hat, oh how I miss you little Mojito scooter! #
  • From that article: "to avoid loneliness, you have to look on the bright side โ€“ […] it makes other people want to hang out with you." #