Oct 07

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-07

  • Mindset you get in when reading academic papers is like the Shakespeare mindset; once you are in it you can't stop talking pompous. #
  • Oh safety training videos from the early 80's. SO HILARIOUS. Oh wait, they are serious. Oooh, Hantavirus training? This is getting creepy. #
  • Celebrating completely hack-free @podiobooks Google results! πŸ™‚ #
  • Interesting thoughts on why posted software professionals' salaries don't appear to be going up, despite high demand: http://t.co/vwjUg5re #
  • This may affect me next week. http://t.co/KCheSxuh #
  • I am in serious need of jam time. I have drums, keyboards, basses, guitars, and mics. I will play any or all of them. Who's in? #
  • To be clear folks, if you want to come Jam with me this weekend, knowing what you are doing is not a requirement. I will be happy to teach! #
  • Class instructor: "Format your paper per APA 7th Edition guidelines". Me: "APA is only up to 6th Edition." Them: "Right." #
  • Me: "APA 6th doesn't call out how to handle this, but what it does say, seems to indicate X." Instructor: "Do it Y, like on this site." #
  • Me: "That site says to do it X." Instructor: "No, do it Y, like the example on the site, not like the guidelines." #
  • Me: "That example says 'this is APA *5th* Edition format'". Instructor: "Just do it way Y. I tire of you engineers and your need for logic." #
  • This is what American higher education teaches you: Think critically, until the teacher tires of you. #
  • Well, One Direction on the iTunes Festival is cute, but I expect some short dresses and hilarious attempted dancing from my brit pop. #
  • I do think @CaptSpectacular could pull off Harry Styles from One Direction as a Halloween costume. #
  • finished Hidden Things by Doyce Testerman and gave it 5 stars http://t.co/CSL1gVe2 #Kindle #
  • Snarky @github comment exchanges are my new favorite thing. #
  • Today's jam time with @Jsquared1975 was excellent. JJ knows how to rock. #
  • School paper complete, @podiobooks calmed down…time to nap, I think. πŸ™‚ #
  • Hmm…latest contingency planning hotline update was "encouraged by the progress." That sounds promising. #
  • Contract extension! Tomorrow is for partying! #
Sep 30

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-30

  • Just completed a 0.27 mi elliptical workout with @RunKeeper. Check it out! http://t.co/dVm8q3fd #RunKeeper #
  • Beautiful rain, the sound of nothing, the sound of soothing, the sound of gutters, pipes, tubes, windows, wheels, shingles and growth. #
  • Great story of a great-sounding car. "How to Build an American Car" β€” the making of the 2013 @Cadillac ATS, http://t.co/YumztgSA #
  • From "@CaptSpectacular: I'm 90% through @FinalFormGames ' JamesTown! But not on Legendary, 'cause that game is *hard*!" #
  • Fitocracy app brings an RPG touch to working out | Ars Technica http://t.co/6AX25v8P #
  • From @CaptSpectacular: "Our waiter looks like the sniper from Team Fortress 2. Does he have an Australian accent? And a hat?" #
  • It is interesting to me that http://t.co/ol1XW27l gets > 225,000 visits a day, but that 98% of those visits are to the RSS feeds. #
  • Class homework took a while this week…realizing I should do the next 2-3 assignments in prep for upcoming work stoppage duty. #
  • I wish. RT @gigaom: Hey IT β€” embrace, don’t stifle, developers’ flight to cloud http://t.co/ZettY1Ke #
  • I-70…you are a cruel, cruel road. What would Ike think of this behavior? #ForShame #
  • Colorado Kolsch from @stmworks – my favorite beer of the summer! http://t.co/O2kmfFLp #
Sep 23

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23

  • Put the ol' DSL to the test tonight – two people playing LOTRO, Google Hangout + deployment validation testing. #GotABitSlow #
  • Oddly – it wasn't the network that got slow, it was my Mac, once I killed the hangout it was fine. Odd. 40MB DSL, but still. πŸ™‚ #
  • A successful emergency @podiobooks deployment. 3 years of work came to fruition in 3 days. Thanks @brantsteen, @evoterra and @codeshaman ! #
  • Procrastination: @CaptSpectacular was here since Friday night, and waited till 40 min before we had to leave to announce his homework. #
  • Arrr. #piratedayboxchecked #
  • In a plentiful culture, many are liked by few. In a rare culture, few are all the many have to like, so they adapt or starve. #
  • The Internet makes plentiful culture possible at a scale we are just now glimpsing. #
  • I will admit to being pretty delighted with the @github Issue Tracker. #
  • I just uploaded "Dirty Girl Run 2012" to Vimeo: http://t.co/x6u87V37 #
  • Oh unit tests. You've saved me from myself again. #
Sep 16

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-16

  • Thanks to cooler weather, I was able to get more overhead storage put up in the garage and scrape peeling paint off the house! #
  • Still not sure what I think of Manning in Orange. #ObligatoryFootballTweet #
  • Of late between the day job and school; I've spent a great deal of time with Word. Mostly cordial; rare cursing. We understand each other. #
  • My favorite tweet from 9/12/2011: "Indifference is an underrated virtue". #
  • Word Doc corruption: conquered. #
  • Sometimes the story is better than the truth. But although the story may haunt you, the truth will kill you. #
  • There is little more heartbreaking than a long-running batch job that fails just before the end. #
  • As usual, @brantsteen brings the heat when its needed. @evoterra owes him many beers. #ButtKicker #
  • I must admit that @github 's "close a bug tracker item with a commit comment" feature makes me squee a little. #
  • 300 commits to the @podiobooks codebase * 6 hrs avg dev per commit = 1800 hrs of work! RT @pb2dev: SUCCESS:pb2-ci-master $300 – #
  • http://t.co/bxOOXNOc #
  • http://t.co/Zj8Pq4CF #
  • http://t.co/4AYwHk0q #
  • http://t.co/tMXqQYAU #
  • http://t.co/pX6hrzAQ #
  • I might have to get prints of some of these vintage motivational posters. #SnarkyButTrue #
  • My breadnbutter! RT @TheAtlanticWire: A guide to the rise of the Portmanteau http://t.co/MAQn3Veo #
  • Alas, Brother/Nephew visit was too short. But, gave Nephew D&D books, so hopefully this winter will be dungeon crawl-tastic! #
  • I know you are saying "Skrillex in the morning and Styx at noon? Isn't like like beer after liquor never sicker?" I say NO IT'S FINE. #
Sep 09

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-09

  • RT @ForbesTech: Bruce Willis To Sue Apple Over Right To Bequeath His iTunes Library http://t.co/Fg4xFwvF #
  • My 2nd Monday of online classes at @RegisUniversity , and the 2nd Monday in that the online system is down! Coincidence? #IBrokeItAgain #
  • OK BoxBot! It's time to test your mettle! http://t.co/6bzysZdr #
  • The iTunes festival has introduced me to Ed Sheeran. U.N.I. from his "+" album is particularly interesting. #
  • BoxBot: "Don't put my GPS antenna so close to my compass!" Me: "It's just an antenna!" BB: "Fine! That's North!" Me: "That's East!" #
  • BoxBot: "That antenna is freaking me out!" Me: "Hmm, there is a giant magnet on the bottom of this GPS antenna…" BoxBot: "See!!!" #
  • https://t.co/nfJomHzi #
  • An unexpected benefit of Denver Athletic Club membership: a great Table Tennis lesson with a former Iraqi National Team member. πŸ˜‰ #
  • A little Iraqi guy shouting "Move! Move!" while a robot shoots balls at you at high speed is suprisingly motivating, and sweat-inducing! #
  • More iTunes festival tonight. Olly Murs and The Milk. Olly Murs = Wham! + Ska, The Milk = Southern Rock + Soul + Ska. #BothExcellent #
  • Tonight's iTunes Festival highlight was the dubstep beatboxer. Haven't figured out his name yet, but amazing! #
  • Love like a muscle grows/with use and time strength is sown/and when trumpet is again blown/the fibers leap/to hold, caress, ache and weep #
  • Yeah, @EdSheeran is about as much of a bard as can be. Proof of what one man with an audience, passion, stories, and a loop pedal can do. #
  • .@Trello is exactly what I've been wanting to organize information for running an RPG session. Web/Mobile multi-media index cards. #
  • So, which is the worse earworm? The Love Boat theme, or the Price is Right theme? #
  • Hmm. Seen 3 brand-new Bentleys in various parts of town this week. #EconomyPickingUp ? #
  • The school exit signs glow red; perhaps to persuade the students that leaving school is the gateway to hell. http://t.co/4Q5PnNKt #
  • You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. #
  • This is what folks that make robots celebrate. Not what was intended, but they'll take it. http://t.co/D60kggeI #
  • Proving that @doycet is only 1/2 hipster, his writing netbook only *looks* like a typewriter. http://t.co/q3EHw4t1 #
  • Uh oh. Action Time. #DragonAge http://t.co/ugQSyvA5 #
  • Dang – watching @DaruJones rip it up on drums with Jack White on the iTunes festival is humbling and inspiring at the same time. #
  • It would be fascinating to be able
    to track my cortisol levels on days when I have to drive in parking lots and ones where I don't. #
Sep 02

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-02

  • Telcos will suffer because of "subscription myopia". http://t.co/VlA9ESIb #
  • "It's doubtful the gamification of politics will reduce disillisionment" MTV fantasy election game | http://t.co/tH225vLH #
  • Back to school after my quarter off! Online course this time…interesting. πŸ™‚ #
  • What to cats do outside for fun? Kill, and leave the corpses to rot. Cat point of view camera footage, shows the truth: http://t.co/v4v3PdqN #
  • Day 1 of my first online class at Regis. Day 1 of Regis online class system outage. Coincidence? I think not. #Flex #IBrokeIt #
  • "The accumulation of knowledge is a two-edged weapon; it helps to determine what is possible but it may also define what is impossible." #
  • Poodle Moth of Dooooom! http://t.co/S9Y1RQFp #
  • Schoolwork for the week done, time to work on the Robot! #
Aug 26

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-26

  • If telephone companies really wanted to stop people from dropping their landlines, outlawing robocalls would be a good starting point. #
  • Look what arrived on my Kindle this morning from @doycet ! http://t.co/W2l4hend #
  • Does liking "cheesy" works mean that you like more or less truth in your fiction? To me, the nod to the camera is acknowledgement of truth. #
  • 80lb barbell full squats. 5 reps. x 3 sets. Yep. Definitely getting stronger! #
  • The order you experience things affects your opinion; you tend to like the first option best http://t.co/S21zYg6y @doycet #hiddenthingscover #
  • Her Diary / His Diary http://t.co/oKGR98qi #
Aug 19

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-19

  • I freely admit to watching the Spice Girls taxi-riffic performance at the closig ceremonies. #WhenIsSpiceMusicalComingToDenver #
  • Hmmm – Timeline.js – a creation kit for storytelling timelines: http://t.co/2xcGfWPt #
  • Good news! My new @SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition platform is fast. #TerrifyinglyFast #CanItBeControlled #
  • "10% of adults admit to still listening to cassettes." http://t.co/FXVwSXhf #
  • Bummer? RT @nprnews: EBay Says Users Will No Longer Be Able To Sell Magic, Potions, Curses http://t.co/zgixH0Ll #
  • I never would have learned Esperanto without him. Sci-fi author Harry Harrison dies http://t.co/41bNXttU #
  • Just got a request to send someone a game adventure for Call of Cthulhu I wrote back in the 90's. I hope they have fun with it! #
  • Expendables 2 proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Norris was the weakest actor, Statham just edged out Jet Li for overall badassery. #
Aug 12

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

Aug 05

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

  • Today is @CaptSpectacular 's first day of tech day camp. He's going to be making custom levels and such for Portal. #HackingCamp #
  • So far the only two things I've ever seen break @CaptSpectacular 's nihilism: a double rainbow, and toe socks. http://t.co/hlbhfHiT #
  • It's the kind of night that can only be fixed with shot of Roundhouse Spirits Corretto in vanilla protein powder. http://t.co/szHzlxOp #
  • Anyone know what this symbology on this rooftop is? #
  • The Introvert Entrepreneur: Success is an Inside Job: http://t.co/R0JjsWS3 #
  • Here's the picture I tried to tweet this morning with the symbology from the DU building rooftop. http://t.co/7TDgdYy7 #
  • Polly…..Lens Cap. #
  • A little bummed to be missing the Great American Beer Festival this year…but Ticketmaster really dropped the ball yesterday. :\ #
  • Drop the blanket and hit the bottle, Linus. http://t.co/CsKhZdVG #
  • We are now fully into the "Eat me out of house and home" phase of @CaptSpectacular 's life. #SoMuchFood #
  • From his camp experience, @CaptSpectacular is now an expert at the Portal 2 Test Chamber maker. Which is incredibly well done. #
  • "SAP Owns Up to Usability Problem". srsly. srsly! http://t.co/ZPLQxP6H #
  • I wish I could harness the fugue state I go into when explaining something complex in the phone to large groups in other situations. πŸ™‚ #
  • This podcast is spectacular. RT @JesseThorn: I hope everyone has listened to the ALL-NEW episode of @TheMemoryPalace. http://t.co/zy9HW0Sd #
  • VH1's Classic Albums on Netflix streaming. I learn so much with each one. #
  • "No maurading thieves anywhere, probably because of police." http://t.co/ZKrOjLDE #
  • OK Git….you impressed me…this time. #
  • "But you have a job as a teacher! Why would you need to dress like a monster and rob a bank?!?!" "Oh, right, our bad." – Scooby Gang #
  • Hipsters at restaurant: "We bought a whole bunch of stuff to smoke!" Me: eyebrow. Them: "So much meat in my car! It's like a 20lb brisket!" #