May 04

Thoughts on Cash

Is cash really easier to spend that using a credit card?  Easier in both terms of acceptance/speed of transaction at retailers, and ease of spending freely as a consumer?

I ended up having no cash this week for various reasons (I am expecting a big ACH withdrawal from my mortgage company due to my builder messing up my initial escrow account).  I found myself spending *more* total $$ than I usually do with cash, but I spent it on better things.

Not counting the fact that I rode the bus (since I already have bus tickets I purchased in January) instead of driving, I spent more on food since I couldn’t eat out of the machines here.

But, it was better food, like yogurt, juice, as opposed to pop-tarts.

I also find that with cash, I can see from looking in my wallet how much money I have, and that controls my spending.  With credit cards, I have a feel, and I check my balance 2-3 times a week, but it’s not quite the same.

I need to invent a device that lets you see your bank and credit card balances inside your wallet…