Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-30

  • Just completed a 0.27 mi elliptical workout with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper #
  • Beautiful rain, the sound of nothing, the sound of soothing, the sound of gutters, pipes, tubes, windows, wheels, shingles and growth. #
  • Great story of a great-sounding car. "How to Build an American Car" — the making of the 2013 @Cadillac ATS, #
  • From "@CaptSpectacular: I'm 90% through @FinalFormGames ' JamesTown! But not on Legendary, 'cause that game is *hard*!" #
  • Fitocracy app brings an RPG touch to working out | Ars Technica #
  • From @CaptSpectacular: "Our waiter looks like the sniper from Team Fortress 2. Does he have an Australian accent? And a hat?" #
  • It is interesting to me that gets > 225,000 visits a day, but that 98% of those visits are to the RSS feeds. #
  • Class homework took a while this week…realizing I should do the next 2-3 assignments in prep for upcoming work stoppage duty. #
  • I wish. RT @gigaom: Hey IT — embrace, don’t stifle, developers’ flight to cloud #
  • I-70…you are a cruel, cruel road. What would Ike think of this behavior? #ForShame #
  • Colorado Kolsch from @stmworks – my favorite beer of the summer! #

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