Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23

  • Put the ol' DSL to the test tonight – two people playing LOTRO, Google Hangout + deployment validation testing. #GotABitSlow #
  • Oddly – it wasn't the network that got slow, it was my Mac, once I killed the hangout it was fine. Odd. 40MB DSL, but still. 🙂 #
  • A successful emergency @podiobooks deployment. 3 years of work came to fruition in 3 days. Thanks @brantsteen, @evoterra and @codeshaman ! #
  • Procrastination: @CaptSpectacular was here since Friday night, and waited till 40 min before we had to leave to announce his homework. #
  • Arrr. #piratedayboxchecked #
  • In a plentiful culture, many are liked by few. In a rare culture, few are all the many have to like, so they adapt or starve. #
  • The Internet makes plentiful culture possible at a scale we are just now glimpsing. #
  • I will admit to being pretty delighted with the @github Issue Tracker. #
  • I just uploaded "Dirty Girl Run 2012" to Vimeo: #
  • Oh unit tests. You've saved me from myself again. #

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