Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-09

  • RT @ForbesTech: Bruce Willis To Sue Apple Over Right To Bequeath His iTunes Library #
  • My 2nd Monday of online classes at @RegisUniversity , and the 2nd Monday in that the online system is down! Coincidence? #IBrokeItAgain #
  • OK BoxBot! It's time to test your mettle! #
  • The iTunes festival has introduced me to Ed Sheeran. U.N.I. from his "+" album is particularly interesting. #
  • BoxBot: "Don't put my GPS antenna so close to my compass!" Me: "It's just an antenna!" BB: "Fine! That's North!" Me: "That's East!" #
  • BoxBot: "That antenna is freaking me out!" Me: "Hmm, there is a giant magnet on the bottom of this GPS antenna…" BoxBot: "See!!!" #
  • #
  • An unexpected benefit of Denver Athletic Club membership: a great Table Tennis lesson with a former Iraqi National Team member. 😉 #
  • A little Iraqi guy shouting "Move! Move!" while a robot shoots balls at you at high speed is suprisingly motivating, and sweat-inducing! #
  • More iTunes festival tonight. Olly Murs and The Milk. Olly Murs = Wham! + Ska, The Milk = Southern Rock + Soul + Ska. #BothExcellent #
  • Tonight's iTunes Festival highlight was the dubstep beatboxer. Haven't figured out his name yet, but amazing! #
  • Love like a muscle grows/with use and time strength is sown/and when trumpet is again blown/the fibers leap/to hold, caress, ache and weep #
  • Yeah, @EdSheeran is about as much of a bard as can be. Proof of what one man with an audience, passion, stories, and a loop pedal can do. #
  • .@Trello is exactly what I've been wanting to organize information for running an RPG session. Web/Mobile multi-media index cards. #
  • So, which is the worse earworm? The Love Boat theme, or the Price is Right theme? #
  • Hmm. Seen 3 brand-new Bentleys in various parts of town this week. #EconomyPickingUp ? #
  • The school exit signs glow red; perhaps to persuade the students that leaving school is the gateway to hell. #
  • You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. #
  • This is what folks that make robots celebrate. Not what was intended, but they'll take it. #
  • Proving that @doycet is only 1/2 hipster, his writing netbook only *looks* like a typewriter. #
  • Uh oh. Action Time. #DragonAge #
  • Dang – watching @DaruJones rip it up on drums with Jack White on the iTunes festival is humbling and inspiring at the same time. #
  • It would be fascinating to be able
    to track my cortisol levels on days when I have to drive in parking lots and ones where I don't. #

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