Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-19

  • I freely admit to watching the Spice Girls taxi-riffic performance at the closig ceremonies. #WhenIsSpiceMusicalComingToDenver #
  • Hmmm – Timeline.js – a creation kit for storytelling timelines: #
  • Good news! My new @SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition platform is fast. #TerrifyinglyFast #CanItBeControlled #
  • "10% of adults admit to still listening to cassettes." #
  • Bummer? RT @nprnews: EBay Says Users Will No Longer Be Able To Sell Magic, Potions, Curses #
  • I never would have learned Esperanto without him. Sci-fi author Harry Harrison dies #
  • Just got a request to send someone a game adventure for Call of Cthulhu I wrote back in the 90's. I hope they have fun with it! #
  • Expendables 2 proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Norris was the weakest actor, Statham just edged out Jet Li for overall badassery. #

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