Aug 26

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-26

  • If telephone companies really wanted to stop people from dropping their landlines, outlawing robocalls would be a good starting point. #
  • Look what arrived on my Kindle this morning from @doycet ! #
  • Does liking "cheesy" works mean that you like more or less truth in your fiction? To me, the nod to the camera is acknowledgement of truth. #
  • 80lb barbell full squats. 5 reps. x 3 sets. Yep. Definitely getting stronger! #
  • The order you experience things affects your opinion; you tend to like the first option best @doycet #hiddenthingscover #
  • Her Diary / His Diary #
Aug 19

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-19

  • I freely admit to watching the Spice Girls taxi-riffic performance at the closig ceremonies. #WhenIsSpiceMusicalComingToDenver #
  • Hmmm – Timeline.js – a creation kit for storytelling timelines: #
  • Good news! My new @SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition platform is fast. #TerrifyinglyFast #CanItBeControlled #
  • "10% of adults admit to still listening to cassettes." #
  • Bummer? RT @nprnews: EBay Says Users Will No Longer Be Able To Sell Magic, Potions, Curses #
  • I never would have learned Esperanto without him. Sci-fi author Harry Harrison dies #
  • Just got a request to send someone a game adventure for Call of Cthulhu I wrote back in the 90's. I hope they have fun with it! #
  • Expendables 2 proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Norris was the weakest actor, Statham just edged out Jet Li for overall badassery. #
Aug 12

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

Aug 05

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

  • Today is @CaptSpectacular 's first day of tech day camp. He's going to be making custom levels and such for Portal. #HackingCamp #
  • So far the only two things I've ever seen break @CaptSpectacular 's nihilism: a double rainbow, and toe socks. #
  • It's the kind of night that can only be fixed with shot of Roundhouse Spirits Corretto in vanilla protein powder. #
  • Anyone know what this symbology on this rooftop is? #
  • The Introvert Entrepreneur: Success is an Inside Job: #
  • Here's the picture I tried to tweet this morning with the symbology from the DU building rooftop. #
  • Polly…..Lens Cap. #
  • A little bummed to be missing the Great American Beer Festival this year…but Ticketmaster really dropped the ball yesterday. :\ #
  • Drop the blanket and hit the bottle, Linus. #
  • We are now fully into the "Eat me out of house and home" phase of @CaptSpectacular 's life. #SoMuchFood #
  • From his camp experience, @CaptSpectacular is now an expert at the Portal 2 Test Chamber maker. Which is incredibly well done. #
  • "SAP Owns Up to Usability Problem". srsly. srsly! #
  • I wish I could harness the fugue state I go into when explaining something complex in the phone to large groups in other situations. 🙂 #
  • This podcast is spectacular. RT @JesseThorn: I hope everyone has listened to the ALL-NEW episode of @TheMemoryPalace. #
  • VH1's Classic Albums on Netflix streaming. I learn so much with each one. #
  • "No maurading thieves anywhere, probably because of police." #
  • OK Git….you impressed me…this time. #
  • "But you have a job as a teacher! Why would you need to dress like a monster and rob a bank?!?!" "Oh, right, our bad." – Scooby Gang #
  • Hipsters at restaurant: "We bought a whole bunch of stuff to smoke!" Me: eyebrow. Them: "So much meat in my car! It's like a 20lb brisket!" #