May 27

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-27

  • Doing augmented reality research. Also, macroeconomics of consumption. #
  • "Rhetoric moving the tax burden from capital to wages suggests the very rich need to be bribed heavily to use their resources productively." #
  • A+ on my first econ paper! A strong start! #
  • Holy cats! Surfing a "oops don't reply all" email wave with over 1000 replies so far. Its an in-house meme now! #
  • Interesting observations about the "bully pulpit" of social media. RT @NPRHealth: What Went Wrong With 'Pink Slime' #
  • After a day of reading the #DndNext docs, the reponses on at least 20 blogs, and taking some time to ponder, I've come to a REALIZATION. #
  • More than any other art or entertainment form, gaming is about shared ownership. Publishers, players, authors, GMs & artists build together. #
  • While system & production are important, nothing trumps the perfect balance of shared ownership – malleabilty without loss of core identity. #
  • By focusing on reverting to particular mechanics, you miss the point that what makes games great is the people who make the game their own. #
  • IMNSHO, the success of KoDT, Pathfinder, Retroclones, and "Indie" games is a lot more about engagement than particular mechanics. #
  • Inspiration to dive in and make something of *your own* is what fires imaginations…and there is nothing inspiring in the docs right now. #
  • It's always more successful, long-term, to whip out a compelling "What about *this* cool thing!?", than to condescend or copy. #
  • I do my best, but sometimes, there are just no words. #
May 20

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-20

May 13

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-13

  • What? @Decoder_Ring 's "Black Jack Justice" novel is now on Kindle? Boom! Bought! #
  • Mmmm…it's a delirium kind of evening… #
  • "One of the first lessons was that whomever is in the weakest position gets hung out to dry." – A Brewing Storm #
  • Per the just-RT'd article: I'm reminded of the sudden societal realization in the 60's that making cars safer might be save lives. #
  • The Hulk makes me sad. #
  • Man, M:TG really brings out the rageface in @CaptSpectacular . #
  • So foggy this morning! #
  • Happy Mothers' Day all!! #
May 06

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-06

  • USB Controller on @CaptSpectacular 's computer died. Dare I try a USB PCI card to replace or is it the end of the road…? #
  • I found a USB PCI card one of my parts boxes that has brought @CaptSpectacular 's computer back to life. Whew! #
  • Spent some time back around the holidays working with dolly and pan combo shots, finally posted the 30-sec video here: #
  • Here's some very pretty video of Rocky Mountain National Park's Bear Lake that I took this weekend: #
  • RT @best_of_mlkshk: tired of stereotypes about women wearing superhero capes? #
  • "With depressingly few exceptions, textbook authors set themselves up as smug wizards who reveal truths to the reader" #
  • Soon…these will combine to make the magic of Baba Gannouj… #
  • I will admit, the TrueFire guitar leaning site is pretty dang amazing! #
  • Yes! Got an A in my last class, despite it being alternately hard and weird!!! 🙂 Next week I start Leadership Economics!!! #
  • Tips for building guitar calluses: (I found that sliding my fingers along the strings helps a lot). #
  • Awe yeah! @zacuto z-grip iPhone cinema kit! Who needs a DSLR to shoot video when you have an iPhone! #
  • Enjoying the Scooby Doo Supermoonlight! #
  • Supermoon has brought super-hail! #