Jan 29

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-29

  • I love Ed Emberly's drawing books so much. I never felt a successful as when I could draw the things in his books: http://t.co/VFVozaAO #
  • "No colors any more, I want them to turn black." #
  • Setting up a Pandora station for the band "Level 42" is the best Pandora station in the world. #
  • …except for the Hall and Oates stuff. Yeeech. #
  • "What Have I Done To Deserve This?" #
  • Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch http://t.co/2zeVPTZG #
Jan 22

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-22

  • Crazy air temp layer pulling refinery "capping" refinery smoke! http://t.co/i7D9xsGp #
  • My favorite pair of drum sticks finally gave up the ghost! http://t.co/wn2iqNTz #
  • Thanks to @romanmars for reminding me about what I love about Esperanto. Sentences like "Summerly, I go to the beach." #
  • Haven't been terribly impressed with the Boulevard Brewing beers here in KC, but their Double Wide IPA limited edition was A++. #
  • Tired enough that I'm honestly worried about being able to stay awake through class tonight. #
  • Into hour two of listening to one student complain about her job during my class. Please facilitator, facilitate! #
  • Classroom internet is finally back online – emailed uni IT support from my phone to get the wifi for the laptop working again. 🙂 #
  • Do Nothing -> Feel Guilty -> Panic About Future -> Feel Powerless -> Do Nothing -> Feel Guilty -> Panic About Future -> Feel Powerless -> #
  • I am the 9% (of people who have cut the cord on pay tv): http://t.co/8h0RiXFa #
  • Today's thought stuck on endless loop: Freakonomics quote about how bad humans are at assessing risk. #
  • iBook Author works well as a way to create interactive notebooks for real-time use on the iPad. Pretty. #
Jan 15

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-15

  • I could literally hear DropBox screaming as I cleaned or and reorganized my game PDF folder. #IHaveILotOfGamePDFs #
  • Tried out @PelgranePress 's Trail of Cthulhu game with @CaptSpectacular this afternoon. He made his Sanity checks, and chased cultists! #
  • I signed up for the D&D 5e user feedback program! http://t.co/QbfDCkd8 #
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 3 Dog Night classic "Shambala" is a delight to drum along to. That song is all about the build up and release! #
  • I must admit the last few episodes of Leverage have been excellent. The line-for-line Die Hard recreation was over the top! #
  • Snowmute #
  • More excited than I should be about the possibility of onshoring tax incentives. #
  • Trying to write a long email on my phone during snoozy "explain the syllabus" night of class. Failed by weird gmail crash… :/ #
  • Wishing wishing weeping weeping wondering slumbering wandering pondering. #
  • Really working hard to get into the right frame of mind to write papers for school. #
Jan 08

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08

  • RT @TechCrunch: Still Looking For A New Year's Resolution? How About Learning To Code … http://t.co/TK70qcKb by @alexia #
  • Wi-Fi Required by Law for Restaurants in Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur http://t.co/BRboAlop #
  • First day commuting to the office in two weeks! And, already been sitting stopped on the highway for a half-hour. #
  • I'm a slasher and I must be stopped! A slasher…of prices! #
  • Did you see this, @Jennisodes ? http://t.co/q0hrlarm #
  • Me, now with sexy bowtie from the Cordial Churchman ! Thanks for the recommendation, @putthison ! #
  • Me, now with sexy bowtie from the Cordial Churchman ! Thanks for the recommendation, @putthison ! http://t.co/mOQo7Y2C #
Jan 01

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-01

  • #Homebrew I made with my dad turned out nice. Simple, but nice. Need to turn up the hops going forward. All my beers have been too sweet. #
  • Finally got Macabook dock up and running! #
  • Cymbal Tree Sculpture: http://t.co/SmL4DO4v #
  • After massive code refactoring, everything is working….except for the debug toolbar. #HowDoesThisHappenToMe #
  • I want these downtown… RT @FastCoDesign: A Sleeping Pod For Naps At The Airport http://t.co/1dXCyffi #
  • Annnnnd…debug toolbar is fixed with judicious application of Tri-ominos and #
  • Free Wi-Fi from a vending machine! RT @TechCrunch: Japan Gets Wi-Fi Dispensing Vending Machines http://t.co/d5BsO0nQ by @serkantoto #
  • I am craving an @odellbrewing Myrcenary, but I have all this Christmas beer here. :\ #
  • Tintin gets thumbs up, although the 3D was predictably skull-splitting. Pacing was also a bit odd, but characters & story were excellent. #
  • Behold what a 13-year old looks like after 90 minutes of watching 3D. http://t.co/jz8p3QEj #
  • under-floor heating that I put into the Rock Lab when I finished it two years ago is definitely earning its keep the last couple of weeks! #
  • Got the Agricola board game for Christmas. Watched a Youtube on how to play. Am now intimidated. #
  • Check out this new song I posted: TC Seismik Jam http://t.co/GNUrsMOE on #SoundCloud #
  • Did you all get a chance to watch this Christmas Tree decorating time-lapse video I made? http://t.co/IaTMJo9Z #
  • They have versions for all the various Kindles, iPads and iPhones! http://t.co/xfC8To3S #
  • Happy New Year East Coast folks! #
  • First #homebrew of 2012 is fermenting in the garage with an electronically-controlled heat-wrap to keep it warm! http://t.co/Tz9wCPmd #
  • Cumbria, UK http://t.co/LcGSQ3U1 #