Oct 30

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-30

  • Just took about 30% of my stuff I've been storing in my parents' shed to the dump, and 30% of it to Goodwill. #ByeByeSevenBoxesOfBooks #
  • TechnoSquare by TimWhite via #soundcloud http://t.co/BWurHjw5 #
  • Tonight's class makes me think that there is a business of having current undergrads pay you to work for them to gain resume experience. #
  • Class was going really well until Research Librarian came in to talk for an hour. #PerhapsNotASurprise #
  • It's impossible to express my delight is seeing that the whiteboard in my office was used by my team to do good work while I was out. 😀 #
  • Frustrating to cancel drum lesson for this week because I haven't mastered the material from last week, but sometimes that how it goes! #
  • AIEEE – WTF NFLX! -41 points in ONE DAY?! #
  • Project Management tip of the day: I accomplished more in one 15 minute meeting than in 3 weeks of emails. #NotAllMeetingsAreEvil #
  • Weather is turning bad fast. May have to be a work from home day tomorrow. We'll see! #
  • And, I am still on the way home. WFH tomorrow looking better and better… #
  • Roads look OK, but it's still snowing, so I wussed out… #
  • Trying to transfer the recording of the piece I composed for my parents' 25th anniversary back in '91. Can't find a working cassette player. #
  • Gamification is BS? http://t.co/pcSq2CE3 #
  • Prepare to be terrified. I found a few high-school photos in the shed last weekend: http://t.co/SuK1sr3k #
  • This close to halloween, the thick shroud of ice crystal fog outside is mighty creepy! #
  • At the office with enough of the cat on my clothes I can hear her purring! Oh wait, that's the contractors grinding on the pipes… 🙂 #
  • Trying not to gloat that I proved my "Serious Research Paper Writing" professor wrong about an APA style thing on MY FIRST PAPER. #
  • I am literally holding this conference table to avoid jumping in and rescuing this meeting from the guy who is struggling to lead it. #
  • "Historically, Usability has been the pinnicle of user interface design. Isn't that depressing?" – Designing for Emotion #
  • Theory: few women enjoy hard-IT, because the primary reward is making things work, and not the people. #
  • There must be something about this weekend, seasonally that makes people very unhappy in the U.S. :/ #
Oct 23

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-23

  • Just spent a hour explaining to @CaptSpectacular that Bruce Lee was Chuck Norris's teacher. Then he saw them fight on YouTube, and believed. #
  • Waiting around for the tire place to open. Last visit out to the wilds of my parents house has left 1 tire dead, and another likely damaged. #
  • Glad I'm not working at the tire place this Monday – huge line of people, rain, and shortstaffed. #ButAtLeastBusinessIsGood #
  • There's an old saying, "If we knew everything, we could forgive anyone." thanks for reminding me of that one @gregstolze ! #
  • I have now heard the most obnoxious ringtone of all time. A maniacal voice screaming "ring ring" in escalatingly evil and loud repeats. #
  • My next graduate course is "How to do serious graduate research." All of the headings in the syllabus are in Comic Sans. #DoesntFeelSerious #
  • Listening to @Freakonomics Radio about the sunk cost fallacy and quitting things. Sunk costs rarely stop me quitting, but they do hurt. #
  • Last night of class party is much needed. Firestone Walker Double Jack FTW. #
  • An entire blog about the myriad ways that your brain tricks you. http://t.co/eBCkzQNo (via @bafadam) #
  • Drum practice complete. Bass drum triplets: pwned. #
  • Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs revisited for the mobile phone generation: http://t.co/nh9KCf8F #
  • Convo with admin about feature of vendor product. I opened with "tool does not do simple thing x". 30 min / 15 steps later "see, it works!" #
  • Need a word for "yes it does it, but it's so convoluted it might as well not do it". #
  • On our new process documentation there is a step called "Perform Architectural Synthesis". I'm honestly not sure what that means. #
  • I am listening to Winger again. Lyrics aside, solid as heck. #
  • The @unbounce landing page builder is just a lot of fun to mess around with. And to remind me of my design, uh, skills. #
  • Today's wild idea from lunch: term limits for media editorial staff. The media clearly influence politics as much as politicians, so… #
  • Such a good beer! RT @FreshcraftFood: Now on tap: Bear Republic Mach 10 http://t.co/qquUqd5E http://t.co/YWjNw2Tj #
  • Syncopation has won this drum practice. But I WILL BE BACK. #
  • Recorded @wtfawd this AM with @brantsteen. Topic: "How to improve your communication skills." Good discussion, hoping it comes out well! #
Oct 16

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-16

  • Best thing about the explosion of craft beer: I occasionally get insightfully tipsy email rants from my father. #
  • Very good ethical and philosophical discussion tonight in class with guest speaker who is almost as ancient as our ex-priest prof. Srsly. #
  • Day one of 3 day meeting done. Progress: minimal. Posturing: maximal. Yelling: very little. At this point, declaring win. #
  • Hilariously, the one day that I will be able to multitask at my three day meeting, I left my laptop at home. #
  • The Norweigian "Trollhunter" movie (Netflix streaming) is a good-hearted more-adventure-than-horror Blair Witch-ish gamer-grin-giving romp. #
  • From a recent Economist article: "…globalization has rewarded winners even more generously." Back to my wider pyramid base theory… #
  • From @CaptSpectacular : "I'm going to cram my ear dust up my nose until I'm high as a kite!" (no idea what that means) #
  • From @CaptSpectacular: "If canines are called eyeteeth because they are positioned under the eyes, incisors should be called nostril teeth." #
  • From @CaptSpectacular: "All you'd need to do would be to get a decently hot girl over here and I'd stop acting this way." #
Oct 09

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

  • Quite pleased with the sound of the Audix D6 Kick-Drum microphone. Not impressed with the Audix ADX-90's that came with the D6. #RMATime #
  • School paper done. Time to watch more Castle, I think. #
  • Did drum practice before heading upstairs. Getting close to mastering the snare stick switcharound. #
  • Imagine you are a feudal lord. How rich can you be? As rich as your lands can make you. How big is that? As far as you can ride to protect. #
  • Now imagine your are an age-of-sail King. How rich can you be? As rich as your explorers and boats can reach.Thus, richer than you can ride. #
  • Now imagine you are a corp in 2012. How rich can you be? As rich as your ability to convince everyone in the developed world to pay you. #
  • And if you are an internet company, you don't have to *go* anywhere. Result: Tiny corps can market to tiny far-flung segments. #
  • And big corps can market to major segments, worldwide. Net: one corp can spread it's income base across geometrically more people than ever. #
  • Imagine a corp as a pyramid, with a CEO at the top, and a funding base at the bottom: the bigger the base gets, the more $ channels to CEO. #
  • Everyone in the pyramid gets paid on the way to the top, so it's to the CEO's advantage to flatten the pyramid as much as possible. #
  • The bigger the base, the larger the gap between the $ of the top and bottom. Flatten the pyramid, the fewer people benefit from wide base. #
  • An internet business has the potential be almost completely flat; one designer/developer/owner at the top, and a potentially infinite base. #
  • With that in mind, one can see why the "middle class" is 'vanishing' – pyramids are being squashed left and right, and new ones start flat. #
  • So IMO, people in the middle of today's pyramids have little choice but to become the top of new, flat ones. Small business renaissance. #
  • 15 minutes till my big scary meeting of the day. #
  • After a rough day, I then read a paper for school that pretty much says I'll never have the job I want to have because of my personality. :/ #
  • Costa & McRae (1992): the core of neuroticism is tendency to experience fear, guilt, sadness, & anger. (how often you have unhappy feelings) #
  • I think this sums it up: http://t.co/rj8Ur6Wj http://t.co/flwheNet #
  • Hmm. Is it worth $449 to go from 3GS to 4GS before December? Bleh. #
  • I Stuart Smalley'd myself into a better outlook today. Thanks, Al Franken! #
  • Rumor has it that @brantsteen and @Jennisodes will actually be going to the same event at the same time this weekend. Odd! #
  • "Only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, & only way to do great work is to love what you do" – Steve Jobs #
  • "Get off your [self punishing, self pitying] cross and help me figure this out." — Myka from Warehouse 13 #
  • Am seriously considering recording every conversation I have with certain people at my workplace. #
  • http://t.co/LLdvzHoR is my new favorite denver metro brewery! Mexican Chocolate Stout (GABF Gold) and their Helles Hellas FTW! #
  • Well @CaptSpectacular and I finally finished our Fail CoOp play through of Limbo finally! (Fail CoOp: if you die, pass the controller). #
  • So, @CaptSpectacular and I are looking for new XBOX Arcade titles that we can play in regular or Fail CoOp modes. Thoughts? We tried Lumio. #
  • Niece's 7th! http://t.co/LhyyAap2 #
  • Niece's custom-grandma-made hooded cape! http://t.co/DU7ShP1E #
  • Told my dad he was a leech on our society since he's now drawing social security. "You keep electing democrats so I can keep getting it." #
  • The best part of that is the "you". He'd never vote Demo, but he hopes the rest of us do. Welcome to America. #
  • Very serious @CaptSpectacular pays tribute to @Jennisodes with a panda impression. http://t.co/FbCaEavM #
Oct 02

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-02

  • Royal Gorge Bridge with the MINI club. http://t.co/8UrsedJb #
  • More Gorge http://t.co/YSTwkl1v #
  • Looking down – 1" gaps between the boards… http://t.co/CEUzn0Wq #
  • "There are many undervalued people who only need the right environment to excel." – Aubrey Daniels #
  • "Consult us before doing X!" Me: "What will you say when I do?" "I will always say no." "Then I don't need to consult you again, do I?" #
  • I have changed my work push email to my phone to 30 minutes instead of 15. Increase in my sanity or a decrease in care level? #bigchange #
  • Tried to make a joke in class – girl was talking about working on an accrual project. I said, "was it a cruel project?". No one got it. #sad #
  • Note to self: A quart of black tea and a pint of coffee may have help you stay awake in class last night, but not get any sleep. #
  • Note to self. Here's your big lesson. Don't speak up now. There will be another time and place to let your opinion be known. #
  • So tired of screwing up in meetings. Blah! #
  • Which media-tie-in dog tweeter is better? @IrishOberon or @TrailerTheDog ? #
  • Castle was fun, though perhaps over-herringed… #
  • Phrase from a silly novel that's rining in my head today. "Transparency means no shame." #
  • Folks, beware. @Jennisodes is an expensive show to listen to. I end up buying a lot of the stuff her guests talk about. 🙁 #
  • Tim O'Reilly on the global brain and what crowdsourcing really means: http://t.co/UclZ25Ph #
  • C'Mon Chinese Food Truck for #IgniteDenver ! We're awaitin'! 🙂 #
  • Well didn't see @BambuMobile at #IgniteDenver . 🙁 So went with @sullyslicetruck . #WillPayForThisLater #CheeseHatesMe #
  • I just saw @TheBeerWench at #IgniteDenver ! Looking forward to her undoubtedly well-prepared talk! 😉 #
  • Also saw @Courier_New and @lloyddobbler and @dulcedementia at #IgniteDenver ! #IgnitePeeps #
  • So far the Sherman Street Event Center is a pretty dang cool place to hold #IgniteDenver #
  • Whoa! Unlimited free beer definitely having an…….effect on #IgniteDenver ! #
  • Sadly bailed halfway through #IgniteDenver – of the 20 people sitting around us, 15 were talking through every preso. #TooMuchFreeBeer #
  • Today is a day for singing Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping" to myself. I get knocked down, but I get up again! #
  • Slope Rage: Another reason to dislike skiing: http://t.co/npjYRfLW #
  • OH: "And now we get REALLY high concept" #QuotesFromSpiceWorld #
  • So, Page's key comments in the talk I retweeted earlier: "User Focus" and "We make things people use twice a day, like your toothbrush". #
  • GABF notes for later: try Oskar Blues Honey Badger and HGH beers. #
  • I admit to using spicy food to gain endorphins I should be getting in other ways. #
  • 40 minutes until I leave for GABF. #
  • #GABF Farm-To-Table fave so far: Lamb Belly from Chef Mike Sheerin paired with Three Floyds Brewing's Moloko milk stout. #HolyMonkeys ! #
  • #GABF Farm-To-Table 2nd fave: Chef Patrick Sheerin's coconut curried octopus with The Brooklyn Brewery's Black Chocolate Stout. #Whoa #
  • Just literally bumped into Charlie Papazian. #FatherOfHomeBrewing #GABF #
  • Two words: Bacon Brittle. On top of chocolate cake perched in pudding. #BestOfTheBest #GABF #
  • Unquestionably one of the greatest gastronomic / zymurgic experiences of my life. 100x better than last year. #FarmToTable #GABF #
  • "I was raised up believing I was somehow unique
    Like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes, unique in each way you can see" #
  • "And now after some thinking, I'd say I'd rather be
    A functioning cog in some great machinery serving something beyond me." #
  • "If I had an orchard, I'd work till I'm raw
    If I had an orchard, I'd work till I'm sore
    And you would wait tables and soon run the store" #
  • The number, depth, and outrageousness of the references and entedres in "Heat Rises" shocked even me. Very fun. Thanks @WriteRCastle team! #
  • I am brining chicken breasts. Many tacos will be made today. #
  • Playing poker and drinking beer tonight. One good thing, and one that I'll tolerate for the other… #
  • Here's the pipers from Thursday's #GABF ! http://t.co/xaNBsTqR #
  • Unsuprisingly my poker night ended early. At least I have the beer refreshing! http://t.co/hmm9dKTZ #
  • Beckett: "I thought you went commando, Esposito?" Esposito <shrug> "Seasonal thing." #CastleSeason1 #
  • Wow, Aldis Hodge from Leverage and Joanne Kelly from Warehouse 13 both guest starred in #CastleSeason1 ! #