Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-24

  • Kicking off a week of all-day meetings!!! #
  • Wonder no more about why we web developers choose to do things the hard way: the latest @wtfawd explains it all! #
  • Uh oh. Yamaha RXV-1600 A/V Receiver is not powering on. Have had a rash of power outages lately, thanks to lots of nearby construction. 🙁 #
  • Most books about mixing are like advice marbles in a jar. @mixerman 's "Zen and the Art of Mixing" fills in all the space between them. #
  • So far my visit to @alehousedenver is extremely positive: #
  • I cry a little whenever someone in a fine craft beer establishment says, "do you have any really *light* beers?" :'( #
  • Why does my local #homebrew store finally get my special order in one day before I go out of town! Oh well, a good reason to come home! #
  • I did it! I've listened to all 200+ episodes of the delightful @basicbrewing podcast! Thanks for all the great education, James! Cheers! #
  • I wonder what @brantsteen is going to do this weekend without me around to record @wtfawd? #
  • I need to seriously crowd-source luck in the next 24 hours. If you have any to spare, please search online for "Tim L White +luck". Thanks! #
  • Advice I need to remember more often: "Speak the Truth; But Only of the Good in Others". #

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