Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03

  • I just got the @AppSumo "How to Actually use Google Analytics Video" for Free (normally $25). Get yours: #
  • Programming my DAW to play drum patterns since my rhythm reading is as rusty as a Hawaiian truck bumper. #
  • Planning my next #homebrew Thinking about using Colorado-grown organic hops: #
  • I am missing Patrick Rothfuss's books. Feels like they were the only things keeping me sane lately… #
  • Wish my brain handled abstract logic problems more effectively on it's own, instead of immediately jumping to how to build a robot to solve. #
  • Oh Adobe, your products used to be the reason to buy a Mac. Now they are the 2nd most annoying products on the platform. 🙁 #
  • Finally home to greet a poor, powerless house. Poor little house! All you have without power is the ticking of a battery-operated clock… #
  • Folks, @ManMadeMoon is the guy who made the superb indie SCIENCE-fic movie "Moon". His new movie "SOURCE CODE" premieres near you TOMORROW! #
  • As @ebertchicago says: Movies with PLOTS are a THREATENED genre! Don't let them DIE! #
  • There are now 5 people named Tim White at my merged company, including one that just got promoted to VP. I am already getting his email. #
  • Comic Sans for everyone!!! #
  • Why is Winger's "Miles Away" stuck in my head!!? #
  • Hop plant rhizomes are in at @DryDockBrewing ! Time to get out and dig in the dirt… #
  • Disappointed wtth the bug in the LoTRO Retake Weathertop Instance that prevented @CaptSpectacular, @Kim_Stone and I from completing it. 🙁 #
  • Bug detail: Note boss Rigul is dead next to my feet. Note that the is also standing in front of me 30 feet away. #

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