Return to Northmoor

Kim and I have been working a lot lately on our new podcast, Return to Northmoor, which is a new idea for podcasting.  Much like audiobooks let you read while you commute, Return to Northmoor presents a D&D module for you to learn while you commute.

In addition to being able to reclaim time from your commute to prepare to run your D&D game, Return to Northmoor also gives you very specific gaming advice on the material being presented.  So in addition to presenting the adventure material in audio format, it’s enhanced with helpful ideas on how to run it, as well as lessons learned from when we ran it ourselves.

To add an entertainment factor to the instruction, we intersperse the “here’s this session’s adventure” episodes with episodes that go over actual play of a session that has already been presented.

In this way, by the time you sit down to run Return to Northmoor for your own group, you’ve had a chance to not only hear the material as it is intended to be run, but also how it actually ran for our group.  So hopefully, it will help someone who wants to run the adventure feel more confident than simply reading a standalone presentation.

Check us out!


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