Shadowmagic Review

I originally posted this review in 2007 elsewhere, but I need to get the word out here as well!

Just back from a week’s vacation . During the drive from here to
Santa Fe and back, we listened to a podcast novel by John Lenahan,
called “Shadowmagic”, which is available for free via iTunes, and

Originally written to read to his son, Shadowmagic is a light,
funny, and touching story of Irish mythology, prophecy, and teenage

To say that the story is addictive would be an serious
understatement. Each chapter is a separate audio file, and Lenahan is a
master of the cliffhanger. Not since early Doctor Who have I been so
interested to see what happens in the next chapter of a serial.

I would compare it quite favorably with Princess Bride, although it is less a love story and more a coming-of-age story.

This is not a dark, evil, story of torture, horror, or blood and
guts. No one gets lead poured down their throat (I’m looking at you
Terry Goodkind). This is a tale of melodrama, fun, and just plain good

Lenahan is a stage magician and comedian, and his stunning ability
read his story (which is in the first person) is one of the main
reasons I recommend this audiobook so highly.

Much of the mythological elements of this tale are taken directly
from Irish mythology, so little of what you hear in that vein will be
shockingly new, but it’s told in a passionate, rollicking way that puts
a new shine on old favorite themes.

Anyway, I just enjoyed it so much I had to share!

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