D&D Podcast with Bob Salvatore

I don’t know how many of you listen to the
official D&D podcast with Dave Noonan and Mike Mearls, but the
episode that was an interview with Bob Salvatore was pretty
interesting, especially if you are a writer.

The hosting is, um, “rough”, but Bob’s comments are insightful as
to how writing and novels have changed over the last 50 years and why.

Even if you aren’t particularly a fan of Bob’s work, it’s really interesting to hear his thoughts.

Here’s a link to the podcast:


Particularly, I thought that his comments that people like Tolkien
and Eco and Melville (who’s writing styles drive me crazy) had to be
very explicit in their descriptions, because they were writing for
readers who had no shared context – no one had see TV shows on dragons
and monks and whales, so they had to describe them in great detail.

Today, detailed description falls away and pacing and characters
become king. Which I think is an interesting reflection of the FtB
host’s frustration with the “Tour de Realms” type game.

We can see a tour of Ireland or Scotland on TV now, whereas in Tolkien’s day, his words were that tour.

Anyway, just thought people might be interested…

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